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Grow your business with purpose

No business is an island. Every enterprise thrives in a wider social and natural ecosystem.

Kin works with businesses that are invested in social and environmental impact alongside financial goals.

We guide for purpose enterprise towards both meaningful impact and improved performance.

A focus on purpose beyond profit and multi-level value creation is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is a critical success factor in attracting customers, drawing in and retaining the best employees and creating brand value.

Whether it’s refining your purpose, establishing impact strategies or measuring impact – we work with you to chart the path forward.



» one's family and relations

» animals or plants that are related to a particular species or kind

» Related

» Old English cynn, of Germanic origin;
» related to Dutch kunne, from an Indo-European root meaning "give birth to".

Kin is about relationships. An expanded purpose for business starts with the understanding that we are all connected.

At Kin, we believe that aligning business purpose and practices with what is valued in social and natural systems is a key factor in a business’ long-term viability and success.

We specialise in transformation strategies to create, scale and measure positive impact - while maintaining a strong focus on operational excellence and economic returns.

We work with organisations to:

» Refine purpose or values
» Create impact strategies across areas like organisational design and culture, product/service definition, marketing, HR, decision-making or ownership structures
» Develop meaningful partnerships and leverage the ecosystem
» Navigate the tensions between doing well and doing good
» Measure impact

Following a strengths-based, human-centred approach, we guide positive change that is authentic to your business and draws on your specific strengths. This starts with unearthing what is already there and channeling it.

Kin works in close partnership with a network of for-purpose professionals. If we feel your needs are better served by others in our network, we will happily refer you.

Puck Algera, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Kin.

With over 15 years' experience in business consulting and change management, Puck has successfully guided companies – from start-ups to large enterprises and non-profits – through significant change towards improved performance and growth. As the Director of Greening the Rubble, she led the transition from a grant-funded Charitable Trust to a financially sustainable, future-orientated social enterprise.

Puck travelled around the world to interview, and work with, leading for-purpose businesses - bringing back the current best practice and most progressive impact strategies in the field.

Puck Algera PhD at Greening the Rubbles Green Lounge opening. Credit: Erica Austin, Peanut Productions